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Share Your Story - The Motherhood Interviews - Little Tsunami
Share Your Story – The Motherhood Interviews – Little Tsunami

5 thoughts on “I’d love you to get in touch!

  1. Dear little tsunami, im a mother of three, im from central vic origionally. I now reside by the sea on the bellarine peninsula and i have a big journey that ive been through and am still making my way through. Its a huge step writing this to u as im extremely nervous about putting myself out there to be “exposed” but my goal is to empower other women and make a difference. If you think i could contribute i would like to share my story (even though im petrified!) I love reading your page/stories. What u r doing is wonderful for all of us. Kind regards sarah

    1. Hi Sarah, please dont be nervous, I am so happy to hear from you! Your goal is exactly mine, you’ve worded it perfectly: to empower other women and make a difference. Your contribution would help make such a difference. Don’t be petrified, you will be in safe hands (I understand first hand that these can be scary paths to tread and I work with all of my mums with love, care and the utmost integrity and respect. I live in Melbourne and so far have done all of my interviews online. Ususally I will send through a set of questions (around 6 -8) and then dependent on those answers may go back, gently explore a couple of topics in bit more detail. This way each of the posts has a unique theme – someone out there may be searching to connect with exactly this, and that’s why I feel like what we are all creating here is so important. You mentioned you are from central Victoria? So am I, I grew up in Maryborough, so we may have crossed paths? If you would like to take that step, I would love to work with you. You don’t need to be identified by your full name (I do like to include just a first name, to give the post a ‘face’ as such, it is all about it being relatable for our readers), and I often include children’s ages (and names, but never essential) for the same reasons. The wonderful thing I’ve learnt about sharing my own experience is the phenomenal amount of support I’ve received from other mums, more often than not complete strangers, so you may find this to be a very cathartic AND rewarding experience. Look forward to hearing from you – give me the nod and I’ll email you at your email address supplied. Nami x

  2. Well said Em, Jilly would be, no is, so proud of you..

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