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Bubba Gum HQ

Fun, practical and affordable jewellery created by a mum, Bubba Gum HQ‘s food-grade silicone jewellery is the perfect accessory for mums of gummy bubs! Pendants, necklaces, bangles and bracelets. BPA, lead, cadmium & mercury free. Vibrant, fun and fuss-free with the added convenience of an online store.

The lovely tactile properties of Bubba Gum HQ’s silicone products makes for ideal nursing jewellery, and you’ll find the ‘snap-open’ safety clasps on the necklaces a blessing – no more jewellery choking you as you juggle babes and busy toddlers.

Made from food-grade silicone, Bubba Gum HQ accessories are free from nasties and are super easy to clean – just wash them in the kitchen sink!

COPE – Centre of Perinatal Excellence is there to keep motherhood real and support others through the journey of parenthood.  

Bubba Gum HQ and COPE have joined forces to create this unique piece; a chewable keyring, perfect for teething babes.  Shaped as a Fleur de Lis, it signifies strength, hope and courage.

Your keyring is made from food grade silicone, safety tested to Australian standards.  It is a great accessory item for mums, and a practical piece for gummy bubs.

Purchasing this piece signifies that you acknowledge motherhood comes with highs & lows.

100% of proceeds from your purchase go to COPE to help make others journeys easier.

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