Praise for Little Tsunami


You saved me, you made me feel normal, you let me know it was okay to feel the way I did. Little Tsunami was the first place I had ever read others stories similar to mine. I found real women, honest women, scared women and very strong women, and I felt at ease. I set out from that moment to let all mums and dads know that it may not be easy – in fact, it can be debilitatingly hard. Little Tsunami brings me the comfort of honesty and the warmth of many others experiencing their own unique struggles. It brings me laughter, love and light. To me, Nami is a perfect mix of Mia Freedman and Constance Hall, with a twist of kick ass lippy and a remarkable shoe collection!

– Jodie.  Little Tsunami subscriber.



Nami’s openness and her honesty underpins her blog – Little Tsunami. I admire Nami’s combination of warmth, strength and courage – to engage others, speak out and let people know that they are not alone.

– Nicole Highet.  Founder & director COPE – Centre of Perinatal Excellence.




A wonderful account on how we can move forward for the better. –

– Emma Madsen. Founder & editor of Loveflock.



The Hood - Praise for Little Tsunami


We’ve come across hundreds of remarkable women since we launched The Hood just over a year ago. One of the most inspiring, honest and passionate women we’ve had the pleasure of working with is Nami Clarke, founder of Little Tsunami and an official ambassador of COPE.

 – Rachel and Natasha Wells.  Founders of The Hood.


nicole-praise-for-little-tsunamiNami came to my home a couple of months after we lost our little baby boy and as we shared a cuppa and my story, I felt myself comfortable in opening up and speaking about the day Archer died in more detail than I had shared with anyone – husband, family,  best friends.

The respect that she gave me and our shared desire to make other mums feel supported in
their journeys of grief, loss, infertility, depression and the gamut of emotions and experiences that is motherhood made sharing our story on Little Tsunami a beautiful experience.  Thank you Nami, for giving me a voice I didn’t know I had until I met you.

Nicole. Participant in Little Tsunami – The Motherhood Interviews.



A wonderful blog that discusses parenthood and the challenges and joy s it brings. It is unafraid to delve into the feeling of being a less than perfect parent with honesty and humour. I feel it may truly benefit anybody on the wild ride that is parenthood.

– Rachel.  Little Tsunami subscriber.




This is a massive part of what I stand for, warts-and-all honesty, vulnerability and supporting other women and mothers. I just love this woman Nami Clarke, and her site Little Tsunami lets us support the ‘other’ stories of the reality of life and motherhood.

– Sarah. Participant in Little Tsunami – The Motherhood Interviews.




Nami embraces the dark, raw real stories of Motherhood… she urges for mothers to share their stories, no matter how bold, brave, sad and heart-breaking they are.

– Yvette Mystakas.  Founder, She Is Sacred.



I absolutely adore Nami. She’s straight talking, super inspiring and one of the most supportive + caring women you’ll ever meet. She’s busting through the BS and starting the conversations that NEED to be had – for women, for mums and for the sake of our sanity. And in Little Tsunami she’s created a space where it’s safe to share the successes and the shit, and where we can stop pretending to be perfect, and just be real instead. Love you lady! Keep shining your light.

– Sarah Jensen.

Praise for Little Tsunami - Stories of MotherhoodNami is committed to supporting mothers to stand up and speak out about what motherhood can be, not what it ‘should’ be. In doing so she empowers women everywhere to feel confident in their mamma-skin.

I started following the Little Tsunami project because of the way it speaks to mothers, of all kinds. The stories are compelling, raw, real accounts of this journey we’re all on.  I shared my story because I realised if I normalised a piece of the puzzle for just one other person, it was a job worthwhile.   I wanted other Mums to hear tales of what motherhood is actually like, without the glossy image of bugaboos, easy feeding, perfect sleepers, healthy babies and ladies who lunch.

– Kayte. Participant in Little Tsunami – The Motherhood Interviews.

Breastfed or Bottle Fed - Stories of Motherhood


Nami’s drive to share the many faces and stories behind motherhood is an inspiration.

– Kate.  Co-founder, Frank About Feeding.




Jo Shiers Style AdviserI only wish “Little Tsunami” was around fifteen years ago when I had my gorgeous girl. I was a first-time older mum living overseas without friends or family and loads of complications with an IVF pregnancy, the birth and then PND set in. As I read each mother’s personal journey it reaffirms just how resilient women really are, and like all the women sharing their stories on Little Tsunami, I am living proof women are resilient. There is always light and you don’t have to wait to the end of the tunnel.

– Jo Shiers, founder & director, The Style Adviser.