I Fell Pregnant When I Was A Teenager – Sharon’s Story

I’m proof that being a young mum doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. Being a young mum is a tough gig; people you don’t know already have preconceived ideas and opinions about the type of person you might be. We’re often categorised  instantly and looked down upon.  There are looks of shock and disappointment everywhere you […]

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Tokophobia – Therese’s story

When I was a young nurse I worked in a hospital with a maternity unit.  I was sent there for a six week rotation and got put into the labour ward. I witnessed quite a few labours and births; I hated every moment of it.

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Completing Your Family – Nicole’s Story

Little Tsunami - Riding the Wave of Motherhood

I gave birth to my last ever baby 9 weeks ago.  My last ever stay in a maternity ward.  Last ever experience in a birth suite.  Last time asking for an epidural.  Last time pushing.  Last time meeting my child for the first time. I’m sad.  There’s a void when you’re done having kids.

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Coping With Miscarriage – Bronwyn’s Story

Little Tsunami

Although I wear my heart on my sleeve and am known to be a chatterbox, sharing this story is one of the scariest things I have ever done.  My situation is not unique, I am so lucky in so many ways, I have two beautiful daughters, I don’t want people to think I feel sorry […]

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