The world is ready to hear your story.

Your story of motherhood is one of a kind, and it’s powerful.

Heartbreaking, groundbreaking or just the run ‘o the mill kind of back breaking, your insights to motherhood are what we’re searching for.  Your experience may be the missing piece of the puzzle, that “ah-ha” moment or the wonderful feeling of “hurrah! I’m not alone!” for countless women throughout the world.

My quest to shine a light on every facet of motherhood means I’d love to interview you.







“Our shared desire to make other mums feel supported in their journeys of grief, loss, infertility, depression and the gamut of emotions and experiences that is motherhood, made sharing our story on The Little Tsunami Project a beautiful experience.  Thank you Nami, for giving me a voice I didn’t know I had until I met you.”

 – Nicole, mother + contributor to TLTP


I am hopeful that by [releasing my personal story] I can help another person on their own journey. This is my goal and the first step for me in achieving this. Without such an inspiring woman like Nami working with me and supporting me I wouldn’t have been brave enough! To every person who has read, liked or commented on my story or written me personal messages, I appreciate your show of support more than you will know.  

– Sarah, mother + contributor to TLTP


Think your story isn’t unique enough?  Think again.  The Little Tsunami Project isn’t about who has had the biggest, bravest or boldest journey.  There’s wonder to be found in everybody’s experiences. Are you a mum?  Here’s your invitation to participate.

It’s easy to get involved.  Register via the link below and you’ll be sent (with love) your online interview questionnaire. I’ll work with your registered photography to make things easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy in getting your insights brought to life. Participation is free (of course), and the best part yet is that you’ll be helping create this incredibly important dialogue about motherhood.

Your story WILL inspire others.





Be part of something wonderful.



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Your story will inspire others



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